You can find on this page the Manhattan neighborhood map to print and to download in PDF. The Manhattan districts map presents quarters, region, suburbs and surrounding area of Manhattan in USA.

Manhattan neighborhoods map

The Manhattan neighborhoods map shows region and suburbs of Manhattan areas. This neighborhood map of Manhattan will allow you to discover quarters and surrounding area of Manhattan in USA. The Manhattan quarters map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Chinatown as its shown in the map of Manhattan neighborhoods is home to the majority of Asians living in New York City and specially in Manhattan. The point of origin and the most important street in Chinatown neighborhood is Mott Street. If you appreciate Chinese cuisine, in Chinatown you can enjoy its true gastronomy in more than 200 restaurants.

Between the 14th Street and the Central Park South, skyscrapers reign supreme in Midtown as its mentioned in Manhattan neighborhood map. This is where you will find the famous Time Square and the bustling activity of a bustling city. Chelsea neighborhood is located just to the south of Manhattan: an industrious neighborhood historically linked to commerce, Chelsea today is home to a large number of art galleries.

The Lower East Side today is in a state of flux. Although this neighborhood is less modern than the other neighborhoods of Manhattan, it is becoming more and more fashionable (see the Manhattan neighborhood map). During your visit, you will also discover an avant-garde and artistic atmosphere as well as a bohemian culture specific to this neighborhood of Manhattan.

Manhattan districts map

The Manhattan districts map shows all quarters and suburbs of Manhattan. This district map of Manhattan will allow you to discover areas and the region of Manhattan in USA. The Manhattan districts map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The Midtown district, is located between the 30th and the 59th Streets, it is home to most of the monuments and attractions as you can see in the map of Manhattan districts, have made New York a myth around the world. Around Rockefeller Center, the district can be visited vertically with its countless skyscrapers. The area from the 42nd to the 59th is considered the true heart of this Manhattan district.

The Soho district is located in southern Manhattan as its shown in Manhattan districts map. It is a district that can show a lot of different faces: trendy, posh and bustling in the eastern part but also residential and quieter in the western part, towards the Hudson River docks. Be aware that this district of Manhattan is particularly recommended for shopping trips and nightlife.

TriBeCa is a district in the borough of Manhattan, New York. The district of TriBeCa is located south of SoHo as you can see in Manhattan districts map. It is bounded by the Canal Street to the north, Broadway to the east, Chambers Street to the south and the Hudson River to the west. Formerly an industrial district, TriBeCa became a major centre for artistic creation in Manhattan in the 1970s.