You can find on this page the Manhattan streets map to print and to download in PDF. The Manhattan roads map presents the road network, main roads, routes and motorways of Manhattan in USA.

Manhattan streets map

The Manhattan streets map shows all street network and main roads of Manhattan. This streets map of Manhattan will allow you to find your routes through the streets of Manhattan in USA. The Manhattan streets map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Contrasting between past and modernity, the south end is full of streets that offer a glimpse of part of New York history as you can see in the map of Manhattan streets. Still in the south of Manhattan, just a few minutes from Centre Street, is a micro-district with all the most amazing features. It is the historic Stone Street area of Lower Manhattan.

In Manhattan, many streets and avenues are numbered. As far as the streets of Manhattan are concerned, the numbering starts from the south, which means that if you are on 34th Street and you want to get to 42nd Street, you will have to head north. A good map of Manhattan streets will help you avoid getting lost in the streets of the Big Apple.

One of the world most famous streets, Fifth Avenue runs up New York City East Side from Washington Square Park all the way through East Harlem as its shown in Manhattan streets map. One of Manhattan most photographic streets, Fifth will take you through the stunning, old-world Flatiron District to the famous Midtown boutiques, up the Museum Mile past some of Manhattan most iconic museums and architectural feats to ornate mansions and charming townhouses overlooking Central Park.

Manhattan roads map

The Manhattan roads map shows all road network and highways of Manhattan. This roads map of Manhattan will allow you to find your routes through the roads and motorways of Manhattan in USA. The Manhattan roads map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

125th road, also known as Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, serves as a central function in the neighbourhood in several ways. This road is the interconnection between the road networks of Manhattan and the Bronx and New Jersey as its mentioned in Manhattan roads map. Beyond that, this road is a very strong link between all the other Manhattan roads since all subway lines have a stop there.

Crosstown traffic refers primarily to vehicular traffic between Manhattan's East Side and Manhattan West Side. The trip is notoriously frustrating for drivers because of heavy congestion on narrow local streets laid out by the Commissioners Plan of 1811, the barrier posed by the Park itself to uptown streets, and absence of express roads other than the Trans-Manhattan Expressway at the far north end of Manhattan Island. The only exceptions are the four sunken roads that travel through Central Park as you can see in Manhattan roads map. Proposals in the mid 1900s to build such roads through the city densest neighborhoods, namely the Mid-Manhattan Expressway and Lower Manhattan Expressway, did not go forward.

Broadway Boulevard is an urban park located in the middle of Broadway in Manhattan, between 42nd Street and 35th Street. Two road lanes have been replaced by a protected bicycle lane and a network of pedestrian rest areas as its shown in Manhattan roads map. This project aims to reduce road accidents and prioritize pedestrians through the creation of public spaces in the urban environment.